Back to School: Children’s Lunches

As the fall approaches we’re back to packed lunches filled with processed or fast foods and landfills of packaging. Here are some tips to keep in mind when packing lunches. Avoid those sandwiched crackers with peanut butter or cheese filling with unhealthy fats, sugar and artificial flavoring. Pack whole ... Read More »

Food Synergy

Studies show that the right food combinations can help lower weight and reduce  the risk of heart disease and cancer. It’s called food synergy according to a study done at the University of Minnesota Tomatoes and avocados – tomatoes contain an antioxidant called lycopene.  Fats from an avocado make ... Read More »


Canadians eat too much meat on a weekly basis. Meat is a great source of protein for muscle growth, contains iron and B12,  boosts the immune system and keeps our red blood cells healthy. But we only need a 3 ½ oz serving for a meal – which is ... Read More »

Brisk Walk after a Meal may Prevent Diabetes Type 2

Going for a brisk 15 minute walk after a meal may control diabetes type 2 by stabilizing blood sugar levels according to a study done at the George Washington school of public health. Swings in blood sugar levels can eventually lead to heart disease. As you age your muscles ... Read More »

Coca Cola for Breakfast?

Coca Cola in the United Kingdom is trying to get people to swap their tea or coffee for soft drinks with breakfast to boost sales as a result to accusation that soft drinks cause weight gain. The marketing is called “Complete the meal” since breakfast is the most important ... Read More »

Go Greek!

So with Greek yogurt taking the stage today what is the real difference between that and low fat yogurt? Calorie wise they are similar with about 150 calories per cup. Greek has about 4.5 gm of fat versus low fat yogurt with only 3 gm. Greek has about  three ... Read More »

Authentic Looking Food

The latest trend in food is to make it look more authentic to adapt to customers who eat with their eyes. Perfect the art of imperfection! For example Domino’s pizza workers are instructed not to worry about making the dough rectangles too perfect in their Artisan pizzas.  The result ... Read More »

Children and Snacking

A study done at St Michael’s hospital in Toronto with preschool children showed that we have to not only pay attention to what kids eat but how they eat. Children allowed to eat while watching TV or in front of any screen activity ... Read More »

High Heat Grilling

With barbeque season in full swing we are all aware of the dangers of high heat grilling. Flare ups can cause carcinogens in the meat. New studies show that a combination of a marinade with spicy herbs for beef, poultry or fish can do more than just tenderize and ... Read More »

Starbucks and Nutritionals

Starbucks in the United States has decided to show their nutritionals on the menu board in all their 11,000 locations. Now you will know that there are 300 calories in a small Frappuccino and 230 calories in a small iced coffee mocha. This all comes at a point when ... Read More »