Coffee and Pregnancy

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health latest study shows that pregnant women who drink more the 200mg of caffeine a day are more likely to have babies with lower birth weights. The caffeine can slow the transfer of nutrients from mom to baby through the placenta which reduces ... Read More »


  Turmeric, an orange-colored spice imported from India, is a part of the ginger family and has been a staple in Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cooking for thousands of years.  It gives foods that bright yellow tinge. The western world is now paying attention to this super star ... Read More »

Food Swaps

Spring is almost here and what’s under those layers of clothing we’ve been wearing may not be so pretty! Here’s some food swaps to shed those winter pounds? Frappuccino’s, lattes or mochas are usually made with whole milk and often topped with whipped cream.  Substitute for low fat ... Read More »

Starving Men

Anorexia or bulimia are associated with women not men. Dr. Blake Woodside director for eating disorders at Toronto General states that today, one in three men suffer anorexia and one in four, bulimia Reasons are the same as in women – perhaps bullied as an overweight child or parents ... Read More »

Wheat Belly

Dr. William Davis a cardiologist wrote the book “Wheat Belly” and it’s flying off the shelves. The title is informing us if we consume wheat we’re going to gain weight.  Clinical trials have not yet proved this. The theory is that wheat products raise your blood sugar causing you ... Read More »

Cooking Oils

How do you choose which oils to use? When it comes to olive oil only go for extra virgin olive oil.  Number one for heart health and antioxidants and is best used in dressings or drizzled over your cooked foods.  Don’t cook on a high heat due to its ... Read More »

Baby Kale

  Move over Popeye with your spinach because here comes Kale. I’m not talking about those large red and green fibrous varieties that honestly are not that tasty and pretty tough to eat raw unless of course you massage the kale leaves for several minutes There’s now a new ... Read More »


Quiznos Canada has finally opened the Kimono and revealed their nutritional numbers in Canada.  Now we can make educated decisions on what to eat. So will it be a chicken or meatball sub –  is there really a big difference? Hold onto your seat! The 11” meatball sub with ... Read More »


Let’s take a cheese quiz… Which country has the highest cheese consumption.  France, Greece or United States? Greece eats 68 lb per person per year – double from United states Blue cheese gets is blue color from : bacteria, mold, or algae ?  Mold.  Blue cheese is made with ... Read More »

5 Best Foods for a Stronger Heart

  With all the processed foods we consume containing excess fat, trans fat, calories  sugar and sodium we are asking our heart to work harder than is possible. Certain foods actually can make your heart stronger if other harmful foods are decreased 4 or more servings of whole grains, ... Read More »