Lemongrass is a secret weapon in Asian cuisine.  It’s a stronger version of lemon rind and has a more aromatic flavour.   Lemongrass should be fragrant when fresh and a lemony green color. Cut off the lower bulb and remove the tough outer leaves, the soft paler stock ... Read More »

Common Cooking Mistakes

Oppsies in the kitchen happen to everyone. Some common ones?   Baking is an exact science, never substitute or add more or less of an ingredient unless advised. You boil when you should simmer.  Simmering is when you see slow bubbles break the surface, boiling is when the liquid ... Read More »

Top Food Myths

  What are some of the latest food myths? Everyone should eat a gluten free diet?  Yes if you’re celiac or have a gluten sensitivity.  Otherwise eat whole grains. Sea salt is better than table salt?  Not !  They both have the same amount of sodium, but sea salt ... Read More »

Choose It and Lose It: McDonald’s Salads

You’re going to McDonald’s and staying on track with your new years resolutions.  So which salad do you choose?  The Tuscan salad with crispy chicken and yogurt dressing or the Spicy Thai salad with grilled chicken and Thai sauce? Tuscan sounding Mediterranean which often means healthy is the one ... Read More »

Grapefruit and Medication

The super food grapefruit,  a great source of vitamin C has come under fire recently. Western university in London Ontario has discovered over 85 medications that if taken with as much as even one grapefuit can cause side effects. Over half of these drugs  can cause severe side effects ... Read More »

McDonald’s “Our Food, Your Questions”

McDonalds Canada recently launched their latest social media program  entitled “Our Food, Your Questions”. This website provides full nutrition and ingredient disclosure based on commonly asked questions with written answers or video clips in the manufacturing plantsYou can submit your own questions as well,  on any aspect of their ... Read More »