Best and Worst Foods For Kids

  What are the best and worst foods for our children? Fast foods are tasty and addictive, but fries, chicken fingers, deep dish pizzas and even burritos have excess calories, fat and sodium and set the stage for ... Read More »


Calcium is necessary for keeping our bones and teeth strong, but other health benefits include maintaining blood pressure and a normal heartbeat.  An adult needs around 1000 mg daily. One serving size of the following foods supplies, about 1/3 your daily intake ... Read More »

Vegetable Bread

Bread made with vegetables is the newest trend today and it’s being marketed as an easy way to consume your daily vegetables and fruits. No peeling, dicing or cooking. Each slice contains about 25% of 1 serving of your daily vegetable intake. ... Read More »

Pub Food

  Have you heard this one: A guy walks into a pub, eats greasy food washed down by a few beers once a week, and gains 12 lb by the end of the year! But this is no joke. Pub food is ... Read More »

Buying Organic

If you want to consume organic packaged food today, it can be challenging. Much of our processed food still has residual pesticides that are allowed by the government. You should consider going organic for the following foods: Regular cereals contain corn, soy ... Read More »

Acidic Foods

  One-third of 18 – 35 year old’s have tooth erosion from eating highly acidic foods such as wine, sports and carbonated drinks, juices, fruits, tea, coffee and salad dressings made with vinegar or lemon juice. This results in teeth losing ... Read More »

Cancer Fighting Foods

April is the reminder about the fight against cancer. There are certain foods according to the Journal of National Cancer Institute that reduce the risk of breast cancer  specifically. Pomengranates, Raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and pecans have e-llagic acid that may inhibit ... Read More »

Artificial Sweeteners

We are eating about double the sugar acceptable today which is one of the causes of obesity, leading to other chronic diseases such as diabetes type 2. So do you resort to artificial sweeteners? I advise not! They can increase your appetite.  ... Read More »

Best and Worst Snacks For Kids

To ensure that your children develop good eating habits, healthy snacks are a must since kids love grazing. Manipulative marketing can encourage parents to think a food is healthy when it’s not. For cereal select those with at least 3 gms of ... Read More »

Clean Eating

You’ve heard the term clean eating?  It’s defines consuming food in its most natural state.  It’s not a diet but rather a lifestyle approach to eating. Restaurants define their food as clean eating today and there’s even a magazine named this. The ... Read More »