Bar Bites On Breakfast Television

Bar food is a common guilty pleasure. Who can resist indulging while having a pint with friends? If you chow down too often however, it can lead to 10-12 pounds gained a year! Patio season is just around the corner, so Rose shows you the smarter options to pick at your neighbourhood pub.
Hot Roast Beef Dip
1500 calories/95 gm fat
**Equivalent to 5 Druxy's Sandwiches in fat**
Sheppard's Pie
700 calories/39 gm fat
Banger and Beans with Mashed Potatoes
1536 cal / 95 gm fat **Equivalent to 8 Pogo hot dogs in calories**
Chicken Fingers & Fries
730 cal / 43 gm fat
Fried Chicken Sandwich
1277 cal / 82 gm fat
**Equivalent to 6 Mr. Sub Breaded Chicken Subs in fat**
Mushroom Steak Sandwich
697 cal / 34 gm fat
Loaded Nachos
2560 cal / 197 gm fat
**Equivalent to 1 ½  cup lard in calories**
Beef Sliders
816 cal / 49 gm fat
Spinach Artichoke Goat Cheese Dip and Naan Bread
1140 cal / 52 gm fat
**Equivalent to 2 cups hummus in calories**
468 cal / 21 gm fat