Food Bites (680 News)

How Long Can Foods Really Last In The Freezer?

We freeze so many foods today but how long can they actually last? Whole roasts, chickens and steaks last up to 12 months. Smaller cuts around 2 – 3 months. ... Read More »

Chicken Thighs Are A Good Thing!

Chicken thighs get a bad wrap because we think of dark meat as unhealthy. Chicken thighs provide good fats which lowers your bad cholesterol and raises the good. It’s the ... Read More »

High Quality Fish Mislabeled!

Close to 50% of fish sold in Canada is mislabeled and is actually cheaper varieties of fish that may have health risks. Instead of butterfish consumers have been eating escolar ... Read More »

Tip on Getting Kids to Eat Well at Dinner.

With school just starting, the dinner table battle begins again! Just two more bites and you can have dessert or you didn’t eat enough you’ll starve! Here are some tips on ... Read More »

What Are Heirloom Tomatoes

We’ve all seen heirloom tomatoes with their distinctive qualities. They have different colours, textures, sizes and flavours. The seeds are what makes an heirloom tomato.  They are pollinated naturally by ... Read More »

How Our Eating Has Changed In The Past 50 years

Canadians are consuming less beef, milk, soft drinks and more flour based carbs than in the past 50 years. This is due to a diverse population, changing health trends and ... Read More »

How to Cook Beets in a Flash

Beets are one of falls trendiest and most nutritious vegetables.  I’m talking about fresh beets, not the canned versions that our parents served.  One cup is an excellent source of ... Read More »

How Healthy is the Keto Diet?

The Keno diet is everywhere.  People swear that this high fat, low carb diet helps in weight loss, manages type 2 diabetes and may even increase your lifespan. This is ... Read More »

How to Shop Healthy and Save a Fortune

So many of us think that eating healthy always costs more. It doesn’t have to.  Stick with produce that’s in season and heartier fruits and vegetables that keep longer. Buy ... Read More »

Which Fruits Contain the Most Sugar?

Fruit is incredibly nutritious with fibre, no fat and moderate in calories. But all fruit contains natural sugars which increase calories and can lead to excess weight gain which can ... Read More »