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Rose Reisman’s Pizza Mac and Cheese Pie

How can you improve pizza and mac & cheese? Combine them! With a little experimentation in the kitchen, Pizza Mac and Cheese Pie was born! A healthier comfort food that ... Read More »

Tahini Carrot Soup with Pistachios

Fall is soup season!  Make this comforting and unique mix of flavours tonight! Read More »

Fresh Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches are a classic combination. In this recipe, I bring the pair even closer by serving tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons! It’s interesting, unique ... Read More »

Grilled Thin Crust Pizza with Hummus, Arugula, Sun-dried Tomato, Goat ...

A healthy pizza is a simple appetizer guests will love. Swap the usual tomato sauce for hummus, and add in arugula and chickpeas for a nutrition boost. Beautiful, tasty and ... Read More »

Chicken and Mango Curry Stir-fry

A restaurant-worthy stir-fry you can easily make at home. Curry flavour mixed with mango is a must-try. Read More »

Kale, Sweet Potato, Parmesan and Pomegranate Salad

This colourful salad has a festive feel with the addition of pomegranates & sweet potatoes. Read More »

Blue Cheese Gnocchi

A twist on a favourite Italian dish! Read More »

Sesame Seed Power Bars

My homemade sesame bars are a quick & easy way to grab an actual wholesome snack! We often gravitate toward power and granola bars when we’re on the go or ... Read More »

Pistachio-Crusted French Toast

French toast is a classic breakfast item either at home or in restaurants. I developed a great version of French toast, coating it with ground pistachios. Read More »

Orange Black Bean Sauce with Mussels over Soba Noodles

The combination of flavours makes this dish sensational. Be sure to buy the freshest mussels you can. If any don’t open during cooking, toss them. Read More »