Choose It and Lose It: McDonald’s Salads

You’re going to McDonald's and staying on track with your new years resolutions.  So which salad do you choose?  The Tuscan salad with crispy chicken and yogurt dressing or the Spicy Thai salad with grilled chicken and Thai sauce?

Tuscan sounding Mediterranean which often means healthy is the one to lose. It has 560 calories and 34 gm of fat.  That’s about one third of your total intake for the day.  The crispy chicken is deep fried and the roasted garlic yogurt dressing alone has 130 calories and 13 gm of fat!

This is the same as eating 7 grilled chicken subs from mr. submarine in terms of fat.

Instead trust the Thai salad with grilled chicken and a lighter vinaigrette dressing with only 330 calories and 12 gm of fat.

Now that’s a happy meal!