Mexican Fiesta on Breakfast Television

Mexican Restaurants have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Rose shows you which items to Choose and Lose next time you’re visiting your favourite Mexican restaurant or chain! Chipotle Burrito – chicken, rice, ...

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Cooking Breakfast with Rose on Breakfast Television

Recipe: Sunny Side Up Eggs with Spinach, Mushrooms and Back Bacon Watch Rose on Breakfast Television as she demonstrates how to make a delicious and healthy breakfast the whole family will enjoy! Serves 6 Spray large skillet with vegetable oil ...

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Deep Fried Foods on CityLine

Deep frying has become a popular trend however you can still eat delicious food without deep frying it! Watch as Rose shows you how to Choose It and Lose It with your favourite deep fried foods!         ...

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Bacon Mania on Breakfast Television

It’s official everyone is crazy about bacon. You can find bacon anything including lipstick, Baconnaise, band-aids and even candles. The Bacon craze started in the States and has made it’s way to Canada, we are a Bacon Nation!     ...

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What’s in Your Protein? on Breakfast Television

All meat is a great source of protein for muscle growth / iron and B12 boosts immune system and keeps red blood cells healthy. One serving is 3 ½ oz serving. BEEF: LOSE IT: Beef ribs 350 cal / 28 ...

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