Comfort Foods to Choose & Lose on BT

Can comfort foods be healthy? There’s a reason why we crave comfort foods in the cold weather. Comfort foods are generally full of carbs and fat, which can increase serotonin production in the brain, giving us a feeling of well-being. Food and mood are connected – add in the dark and cold days of fall and winter and you’ve got us reaching for something to warm us up and lift our moods.

However, reaching for a hearty warm meal doesn’t mean you have to go overboard on calories and fat. Watch Rose on Breakfast Television for which comfort foods from your favourite restaurants to choose and lose!

1. Swiss Chalet

Rose Reisman Breakfast Television Comfort Food Swiss Chalet

Festive Hot Chicken Special

Sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce and French fries

Calories 1500

Fat 52 g


Hot chicken sandwich with gravy, mashed potatoes and vegetables

Calories 740

Fat 16 g


  1. Panera
Rose Reisman Breakfast Television Comfort Foods - Panera

Turkey chili bread bowl

Calories 840

Fat 13 g


Turkey chili with whole grain roll

Calories 430

Fat 13 g

  1. Firkin Pub
Rose Reisman Breakfast Television Comfort Food - Firkin Pub

Fish and chips

Calories 1203

Fat 75 g

Sodium 2436 mg


Shepherd's Pie

Calories 710

Fat 34 g

Sodium 1034 mg


  1. The Keg
Rose Reisman Breakfast Television Comfort Foods - The Keg

8 oz Prime Rib with sweet potato fries

Calories 1076

Fat 63 g

Sodium 2600 mg


8 oz Top sirloin with mixed veggies

Calories 450

Fat 15 g

Sodium 1200 mg