Common Cooking Mistakes

Oppsies in the kitchen happen to everyone. Some common ones?


  • Baking is an exact science, never substitute or add more or less of an ingredient unless advised.
  • You boil when you should simmer.  Simmering is when you see slow bubbles break the surface, boiling is when the liquid is almost jumping out of the pan.  Boiling can cause food to overcook, lose its texture and curdle
  • Overheating chocolate will cause a grainy or burnt texture.  Toss it. Microwave on defrost just until beginning to melt.
  • You overheat low fat products and they curdle. Cream and butter is forgiving but not low fat milks, cheese, yogourt or sour cream
  • Egg whites only beat into meringue if there’s no yolk remnants and your bowl and beaters are clean and dry. Adding a little lemon juice can help