Cooking Oils

How do you choose which oils to use?

  • When it comes to olive oil only go for extra virgin olive oil.  Number one for heart health and antioxidants and is best used in dressings or drizzled over your cooked foods.  Don’t cook on a high heat due to its low smoking point meaning it can turn into carcinogenics at high temperatures
  • Organic canola, peanut or grape seed oils are best for high heat cooking because they have a high smoking point, meaning they won’t burn at high temperatures.  These also have a longer shelf  than olive oil
  • Flax and hemp oils have omega 3 fatty acids and protect against heart disease.  Great for salads and dipping.
  • Minimize soy bean, sunflower, safflower and corn oils which have excess omega 6 fatty acids that can cause heart disease, diabetes and obesity.