Food Swaps Part 2


  • Here’s some easy food swaps to loosen your belt and get into those jeans.
  • Lose the slice of deep dish pizza with meat and chooser 2 slices of  thin crust pizzas with ham and veggies and save 500 calories
  • Lose 2 regular beers for the lighter versions and 2 glasses of wine for wine spritzers and you’ll cut back 100 calories
  • Choose a 6” sub with roasted turkey and veggies instead of the tuna sub mixed with mayo and save over 200 calories
  • Drop the three shrimp tempura for tuna sushi and save 16 gm of fat
  • Drop the cheesecake and choose gelato, sorbet or a skinny cow and save over 250 calories
  • Dressing always on the side for salads and choose a lighter one.  Saving yourself over 300 calories