Food Swaps

Spring is almost here and what’s under those layers of clothing we’ve been wearing may not be so pretty! Here’s some food swaps to shed those winter pounds?

  • Frappuccino’s, lattes or mochas are usually made with whole milk and often topped with whipped cream.  Substitute for low fat milk and top with foam and you’ll drop 200 calories.
  • One bagel has 350 calories!  Lose it and choose an English muffin and save over 200 calories
  • Lose the cream based soup and choose a vegetable or tomato base and save over 200 calories. Or switch from a bowl to a cup of soup and save over 150 calories
  • Fettuccini alfredo, known as “heart attack on a plate”  has close to 50 gm of fat in one serving   Change to a tomato based sauce and you have only 5 gm of fat