How to Shop Healthy and Save a Fortune

  • So many of us think that eating healthy always costs more.
  • It doesn’t have to.  Stick with produce that’s in season and heartier fruits and vegetables that keep longer.
  • Buy nuts, dried fruit and grains in the bulk section.  Keep these foods in your freezer where they last for over a year.
  • Freeze overripe bananas for baking.  Vegetables that are overripe are perfect for soups, chillies and sauces.
  • Don’t always buy name brand foods.  There is usually a no name or store equivalent that has the identical ingredients for much less.
  • Shopping with a list for meal planning saves you buying foods you may not use all of.
  • Forget the water bottles that are costly and may be harmful to our health. Buy an environmentally safe water bottle or a Brita pitcher to filter impurities.
680 News - Shop healthy and Save -Sept 5, 2018