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Rose Reisman Hanukkah Canada AM Image

Hanukkah Desserts on Canada AM

The holidays are a time for family, friends and of course, food! While oil is important to the observation of Hanukkah, there are lighter ways to celebrate! Check out my desserts on Canada AM here & my recipes for rugelach ...

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Good and Bad Fats on BT

Good & Bad Fats on BT

Is fat good or bad for you? The low fat craze drastically reduced all fat in our diets – saturated and unsaturated. We’ve heard that saturated fat raises LDLs, the bad cholesterol, and lowers HDLs, the good cholesterol. It’s associated ...

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Rose Reisman The Morning Show Mazola

Homecooked Meals on The Morning Show

With the holiday’s fast approaching and the cold weather keeping us inside, this is our most induglent time of the year! We’re craving comfort food and cozying up on the couch, but healthy cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. ...

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Rose Reisman Seeds BT

Super Seeds on BT

It seems seeds are everywhere these days, but there’s lots of confusion on how to use them and how they are healthy – find out everything you need to know about the most common super seeds here on Breakfast Television! ...

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Rose Reisman Carbs Cityline small

What Carbs Are Good Carbs?

Not all carbs are equal! Carbs are often unfairly labeled the enemy, but there are many healthy grains. On Cityline, Rose shows how to identify complex carbohydrates and how to incorporate these healthy carbs into our diets. Watch it here!

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rose reisman school lunches

How to Make Healthy Lunches for Your Kids

Packing a healthy lunch that your child actually wants to eat is a daily struggle for parents. With nutrition such a key element in a child’s learning and development, it’s essential to know what our children are eating -whether it ...

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Thanksgiving Recipe Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Turkey Tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is synonymous with turkey. While it’s a traditional centrepiece to a harvest meal, it also seem to be a yearly hassle for those in charge of dinner. It’s a high maintenance meal – lots of work to prepare, ...

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BT Juices with Rose Reisman

Breakfast Television: To Juice or Not to Juice?

Juice bars seem to be popping up everywhere, but are all juices created equally? From organic & cold-pressed to the supermarket shelves, I break down what you need to know about juicing on Breakfast Television here.

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BT Freshman 15 Rose Reisman

Breakfast Television: Avoid the Freshman 15

Going off to university/college for the first time is a huge adjustment. Help your teen make healthy choices when faced with dining hall & dorm room dishes! Watch the segments on Breakfast Television here.

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Rose Reisman Becel Canada AM Image

Canada AM: Healthy & Quick Dinners

Back to school is just around the corner! Come fall, we return to our busy schedules. We’re in need of quick, easy, and most importantly, healthy meal options. Check out my segment and recipes on CanadaAM featuring heart-healthy Becel here! ...

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