New Diet Trend – Intermittent Fasting

  • A popular diet trend today is intermittent fasting which should boost your metabolism to help in weight loss.
  • It centres around alternating between short periods of fasting and regular food intake.
  • The most popular is the 5:2 fast – 2 non-consecutive days are fast days where you only consume 500 calories – the other 5 days eat normally,
  • Another method is the 16:8 approach – all calories are eaten within an 8-hour window, around 11 am to 7 pm and nothing to eat the remaining 16 hours.
  • The pros are greater weight loss in the abdomen area; less loss of lean body mass; improved cholesterol and decreased inflammation.
  • Beware of overeating on the “normal” days and adding more fasting days which will slow your metabolism, increasing your weight.
  • Normal days keep your metabolism revved up to continue burning fat.