The Pickle Barrel

In collaboration with the Pickle Barrel, Rose Reisman designed a collection of meals prepared in a lighter and healthier fashion, reinventing and allowing you to enjoy the foods you have always loved at the Pickle Barrel with an emphasis on nutrition, flavour and texture. This includes Rose’s “Super Bowls” which are created using quinoa – the protein packed “super food.


Glow Fresh Grill & Wine Bar

The evolution of GLOW began with Pickle Barrel’s vision to create a unique restaurant that would offer diners  healthier food options and Rose Reisman’s philosophy of a healthy, balanced lifestyle that includes eating well and reconnecting with friends and family over a relaxed meal. Together, the two collaborated to design Glow’s menu. Translating the richness of the earth and expressing the idea of a person’s “healthy glow” became the starting points for the name and were distilled into GLOW.


Speaking Engagements & Events

Rose is a sought after speaker on national TV and radio, and a regular newspaper contributor across Canada. Looking for a keynote speaker? With busy schedules it’s challenging to maintain a healthy body weight, feed a growing family, make healthy choices when eating out and fit exercise into your daily routine. Rose can discuss “the magic bullet” with respect to her philosophy of living well.

What’s the best way to bring people together? To break down barriers? To encourage lively, creative interaction? Food, of course! Rose’s Corporate Challenge is an adventurous and exciting way to bring food into your next meeting, employee appreciation day or private event. For over the lunch hour, Rose’s Lunch and Learn sessions provide your employees with an informative and fun presentation on healthy eating and dealing with a busy schedule, all while enjoying a catered lunch from Rose Reisman Catering. For more information on Rose’s events and speaking engagements, email


Charitable Organizations

Rose supports several diverse charitable organizations including; The OneWalk to End Cancer, the Relay for Life, the Sandbox Project, York University, Breakfast for Learning the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Women’s Brains Health Initiative. In her partnership with the CBCF and the Princess Margaret Hospital, she has helped raise over $1 million for research, education and treatment of breast cancer.