Quiznos Canada has finally opened the Kimono and revealed their nutritional numbers in Canada.  Now we can make educated decisions on what to eat.

So will it be a chicken or meatball sub -  is there really a big difference?

Hold onto your seat!

The 11” meatball sub with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce will set you back 1300 calories, 70 gm of fat and close to 4000 mg of sodium

A days worth of calories and fat and over 2 days worth of sodium!

I feel my arteries clogging and my blood pressure rising.

Lose that meatball sub and choose the delicious honey bourbon chicken sub that comes in at a modest 790 calories, 15 gm of fat and 2000 mg of sodium.  A healthier and tastier choice

Thanks Quiznos for allowing us to choose and lose