Flank Steak with Fresh Corn Tomato Salsa

My fresh corn salsa is the perfect topper for a lean cut of steak. Read More »

Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp

Curries are a perennial favourite. There are a number of good-quality premade curry pastes available (I prefer Thai Kitchen brand). Green curry paste is much hotter than red, so use ... Read More »

Salmon with Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Adding delicious homemade pesto is a unique way to flavour this salmon dish. Read More »

Grilled Chicken with Peach and Bell Pepper Salsa

Ripe peaches are a delicacy this time of year.  You can also use nectarines or plums. Read More »

Watermelon Pizza

Great presentation for a dessert or appetizer.  If the balsamic vinaigrette gets too thick, add more maple syrup and heat gently.  Be sure to pour the vinaigrette over the melon ... Read More »

Asian Turkey Burgers and Slaw

Asian flavours go well with turkey. Serve with or without a bun! Read More »

Pizza Mac and Cheese Pie

Two of our favourite fast foods are pizza and mac and cheese. So why not combine these two things, but in a healthier way? Read More »

California Burrito with Black Beans and Charred Corn

This Tex-Mex wrap is loaded with flavour from the sautéed vegetables, salsa and aged cheddar cheese. I love the flavour of whole eggs and four split between six servings is ... Read More »

Rainbow Trout with Cucumber Salsa

Rainbow trout with cucumber salsa is a fanastic dish for summer. Many varieties of trout are readily available. I prefer either Rainbow or Salmon trout, which have a delicate and ... Read More »