Tex Mex Chicken and Corn Soup

Upgrade your chicken noodle soup for my filling Tex Mex Chicken and Corn Soup this fall. Read More »

Butternut Squash, Arugula and Barley Salad

Butternut squash, arugula and barley combine to make a great fall salad, packed with nutrition. Read More »

Southwest Layered Dip

Everyone loves the cuisine of the Southwest.  Burritos, tortillas, quesadillas, guacamole, beans and cheeses now make up much of our Canadian food landscape.  I created a mini shot glass dip ... Read More »

Cauliflower Steak with Sun-Dried Tomato and Olive Salsa

Cauliflower Steak is a must-try, even for meat-eaters! If your children are apprehensive about cauliflower, roasting it, which brings out its sweet flavour, may change their minds. If desired, you ... Read More »

Portobello Mushrooms with Greek Filling

If you love Portobello mushrooms, this makes a great side or vegetable dish. I like to serve the stuffed mushroom at room temperature. This a unique way of serving a ... Read More »

Fresh Salmon Burgers with Avocado Mash

These fresh salmon burgers are an outstanding alternative to hamburgers. Top with the avocado mash and you’re in heaven! Read More »

Roasted Mash with Broccoli and Chicken

A hearty side dish. Upgrade your mashed potatoes with veggies & protein and you’ll never buy boxed again! Read More »

Smore Chocolate Layer Cake

Just looking at the photo entices you to make this show-stopping cake.  It’s delicious, lighter than other chocolate cakes and fun to make. Recall your summertime memories of making s’mores ... Read More »

California Pesto Chicken Burger

Barbeque season is in full swing and I love cooking up a great tasting burger.  In recent years we’re being warned about ingesting excess beef, so my “go to” burger ... Read More »

Lobster Grilled Cheese

Lobster is definitely a luxury food item, but today you can find great frozen products in your grocery. You can always substitute shrimp, crabmeat or surimi (artificial crabmeat). The avocado, ... Read More »