Potato-Crusted Quiche with Chicken, Green Bell Pepper and Aged Cheddar

Another version of a quiche, using a mashed-potato crust instead of a traditional butter or lard crust. This cuts the fat and calories tremendously. Feel free to replace the green ... Read More »

Mexican Omelette with Black Beans, Cheddar and Salsa

  When you’re in the mood for a variation on the typical omelette, this is perfect. It has more flavor and more nutrients. You can use any variety of beans ... Read More »

Carrot pineapple muffins

A healthy alternative to a healthier breakfast or a great snack! Includes a video demo by Rose! Read More »

Frittata with sauteed mushrooms and havarti

To enhance the flavor, use wild mushrooms such as oyster, shiitake or portobello. Button mushrooms work as well, but be sure to sauté on a higher heat so the excess ... Read More »

Shrimp Fried Rice with Edamame

Fried rice in asian restaurants is often made with lard or excess oil, adding enormous amounts of calories and fat. In my recipe I use a stock-based sauce that only ... Read More »