Special Gyms


  • There are now gyms for people who are 50 lb overweight or more.
  • “Downsize Fitness” which started in Chicago, Las Vegas and Dallas offers a non judgemental encouraging environment in providing fitness, nutrition and support  for those other than a size 2!
  • There are no mirrors, the windows are fogged and even the equipment is designed for heavier people.
  • Toronto is following in suit.  Our plus size gyms include “Fit Zone plus” that bills itself as fitness for the rest of us offering yoga and Zumba
  • There’s also “Yoga for round bodies”  at the Halcyon wellness centre
  • These gyms are a real motivation for those overweight who are self conscious and need to be in a gym that feels inclusive.  No spandex,  6 packs or hard bodies exercisers to contend with