Sports Drinks

{mp3}680news - sports drinks - june 25 2014{/mp3}   We’re more active this time of year and hydration is key when working out. So do we drink sports drinks or energy drinks?
    • Lets start with sports drinks.  They  have fewer calories, no caffeine and contain sodium to replenish your sweat, acting as an important electrolyte.
  • The word energy in energy drinks means calories and they come mostly from sugar. For example, Rockstar has over 200 calories in a can and contains over 12 tsp of sugar
  • They also contain caffeine.  5 Hour Energy is equal to two cups of coffee.
  • Energy beverages contain amino acids such as taurine and glutamine or  herbs such as ginseng, but  none of these have proven to have health benefits when in a can.
  • The winner is sports drinks. Look for those with 30 – 60 gm of carbohydrates and 100 mg of potassium.