How to Increase Bone Density

{mp3}680news-calcium-nov25-2013{/mp3} Did you know that 80% of broken bones in men and women over 50 are caused by osteoporosis? Calcium is only one part of the equation for increased bone ... Read More »


{mp3}680news-sushi-nov27-2013{/mp3} Sushi has the perception of a light and healthy meal. Raw fish, sea weed salad, Miso soup, tofu and rice is traditional Japanese cuisine and definitely nutritious. But contemporary ... Read More »

Which Foods are Healthier?

{mp3}680news – which food healthier-nov18-2013{/mp3} Let’s test your knowledge about which food is healthier! Cream cheese or butter?  Butter contains twice the calories and fat of cream cheese.  And in ... Read More »

Food Myths of 2013

{mp3}680news-myths-nov21-2013{/mp3} There are many confusing food myths out there today! Colon cleansing rids the body of toxins.  The body cleanses itself daily  through the liver, kidneys, colon and sweat More ... Read More »


{mp3}680news – vitamins-nov4-2013{/mp3} Wouldn’t it be convenient if we could take enough vitamins to replace the nutritious food we should be eating? Never quite works that way! There are certain ... Read More »

How to be Like Top Chef

{mp3}680news-topcheftips-oct23-2013{/mp3} So you marvel at Top Chef on TV?  Try these tips to become a genius in your kitchen! When sautéing or caramelizing onions, add a little baking soda which ... Read More »

The Delicious Food Show

{mp3}680news-thedeliciousfoodshow-oct21-2013{/mp3} So if you’re a foodie and are glued to the Food Network, you won’t want to miss the superstars at The Delicious Food Show this weekend at the Better ... Read More »

Lowering Your Child’s Risk of Food Allergies

{mp3}680news-babiesallergy-oct7-2013{/mp3} A study done in Stockholm looked at overall diet patterns versus specific foods in association with allergies in babies. Babies who ate a steady diet rich in healthy, often ... Read More »

Which Fish are Safe to Eat

{mp3}680news-fishsafety-sept-25-2013{/mp3} It is very confusing today to know which fish are safe to eat. Many are overfished or caught or farmed in ways that harm other marine life or the ... Read More »


{mp3}680news-truviasweetner-oct9-2013{/mp3} 0 calorie sugar sweeteners are here to stay.  Aspartame and sucralose have been most prominent and now there’s Truvia labelling itself as a healthier alternative.   It’s a naturally ... Read More »