{mp3}680news-ribs-oct16-2013{/mp3} As we say good bye to barbeque season we will put away those delicious pork side ribs for another year. Better you do! A side of ribs which can ... Read More »


{mp3}680news-freshcorn_sept16-2013{/mp3} You won’t find a better tasting vegetable than fresh corn as summer winds down. But so often we have no clue on how to cook the perfect cob. Start ... Read More »

Farmer Market Scams

{mp3}680news- farmersmkt- sept 11-2013{/mp3} Farmers markets are a growing trend.  Over 50% of consumers when asked said it’s more important to buy local rather than organic. Farmers markets don’t always ... Read More »

Back to School: Children’s Lunches

{mp3}680news-childrenlunches-sept4-2013{/mp3} As the fall approaches we’re back to packed lunches filled with processed or fast foods and landfills of packaging. Here are some tips to keep in mind when packing ... Read More »

Food Synergy

{mp3}680news-foodsynergy-sept9-2013{/mp3} Studies show that the right food combinations can help lower weight and reduce  the risk of heart disease and cancer. It’s called food synergy according to a study done ... Read More »


{mp3}680news-meat-aug28-2013{/mp3} Canadians eat too much meat on a weekly basis. Meat is a great source of protein for muscle growth, contains iron and B12,  boosts the immune system and keeps ... Read More »

Brisk Walk after a Meal may Prevent Diabetes Type 2

{mp3}680news-walkdiabetes-aug26-2013{/mp3} Going for a brisk 15 minute walk after a meal may control diabetes type 2 by stabilizing blood sugar levels according to a study done at the George Washington ... Read More »

Coca Cola for Breakfast?

{mp3}680news-cocacolauk-aug21-2013{/mp3} Coca Cola in the United Kingdom is trying to get people to swap their tea or coffee for soft drinks with breakfast to boost sales as a result to ... Read More »

Sugar Names

{mp3}680news-sugarnames-apr17-2013{/mp3} You want to cut back on the sugar in your diet so you start reading food labels. The problem is that there are other ingredients that duplicate sugar. Here ... Read More »

Choose It and Lose It: McDonald’s Salads

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