Buying Organic

{mp3}680news – eating organic – april 16 2014{/mp3} If you want to consume organic packaged food today, it can be challenging. Much of our processed food still has residual pesticides ... Read More »

Fast Food Addiction

{mp3}680news – fast food addiction – march 12 2014{/mp3} Many of us are addicted to fast food and unaware of it. Restaurants, fast food outlets and processed food options are food ... Read More »

Authentic Looking Food

{mp3}680news-foodauthentic-aug12-2013{/mp3} The latest trend in food is to make it look more authentic to adapt to customers who eat with their eyes. Perfect the art of imperfection! For example Domino’s ... Read More »

Food Swaps Part 2

{mp3}680news-foodswapcalories{/mp3}   Here’s some easy food swaps to loosen your belt and get into those jeans. Lose the slice of deep dish pizza with meat and chooser 2 slices of ... Read More »

Starving Men

{mp3}680news-starvingmengoodmar6-2013{/mp3} Anorexia or bulimia are associated with women not men. Dr. Blake Woodside director for eating disorders at Toronto General states that today, one in three men suffer anorexia and ... Read More »

Top Food Myths

{mp3}680news-topfoodmyths-jan23-2013{/mp3}   What are some of the latest food myths? Everyone should eat a gluten free diet?  Yes if you’re celiac or have a gluten sensitivity.  Otherwise eat whole grains. ... Read More »