A Perfect Summer dessert: Home Made Fruit Crisp

A perfect summer dessert is a homemade fresh fruit crisp. The best fruits to use are fresh berries, peaches, apricots, apples and pears.  The only fruits to avoid are citrus ... Read More »

Burgers And Breakfast

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it keeps our energy sustained and blood sugars level, as well as helps in maintaining a healthy ... Read More »

Sports Drinks

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Healthy Spices

  Take a better look at those spices hiding away in your cupboard.  They may be an amazing source of antioxidants, even more than fruits and vegetables: Turmeric: used in ... Read More »

Healthy BBQing

{mp3}680news – bbq – june 18 2014{/mp3}   Barbeque season is in full swing as we indulge in our favorite charred meat. But we all know that charring meats produces ... Read More »

Healthy Smoothies

{mp3}680news – smoothies – june 16 2014{/mp3}   With fruits and vegetables at their height, homemade smoothies can be a perfect breakfast or snack when on the go. There are ... Read More »

Indian Food

{mp3}680news – indian food – june 9 2014{/mp3}   If you love Indian food, listen up! Butter chicken is a classic Indian dish.  The name gives it away in terms ... Read More »

Savvy Salad Choices at Wendy’s

  {mp3}680news – salads – june 4 2014{/mp3} With summer approaching and most of us wanting to look more “svelte” our go to fast food is salads: •    Wendy’s features ... Read More »

Types of Milk

{mp3}680news – types of milk – june 2 2014{/mp3} Buying milk today can be a major decision. There are so many varieties:•    Cows milk contains protein and vitamin D but ... Read More »

Eat Your Medicine

{mp3}680s – diet books – may 28 2014{/mp3} 3 Vancouver authors have written books focused on eating your medicine to manage and treat illness: The Complete Fibromyalgia Diet book written ... Read More »