Menopause and Diet

{mp3}680news – menopause-jan29-2014{/mp3} Benjamin Franklin once said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” But then again he was a man! The other thing he forgot about ... Read More »

Meat Entrees

{mp3}680news-meatchooseit-jan27-2014{/mp3} Most meat contains excess fat and saturated fat – but if you love meat there are better choices: Select roasted chicken over roasted duck, which has double the calories ... Read More »


{mp3}680news -chipotles – jan 22 2014{/mp3} Chipotles, a Mexican fast food casual restaurant now has a handful of locations throughout Toronto. You line up and select the perfect combination for ... Read More »

Healthy Obesity

{mp3}680news – level of obesity – jan 22-2014{/mp3} The term “healthy obesity” – refers to those that have a body mass index between 25 – 35. Mysteriously one third of ... Read More »


{mp3}680news-freshcorn_sept16-2013{/mp3} You won’t find a better tasting vegetable than fresh corn as summer winds down. But so often we have no clue on how to cook the perfect cob. Start ... Read More »

Brisk Walk after a Meal may Prevent Diabetes Type 2

{mp3}680news-walkdiabetes-aug26-2013{/mp3} Going for a brisk 15 minute walk after a meal may control diabetes type 2 by stabilizing blood sugar levels according to a study done at the George Washington ... Read More »

Coca Cola for Breakfast?

{mp3}680news-cocacolauk-aug21-2013{/mp3} Coca Cola in the United Kingdom is trying to get people to swap their tea or coffee for soft drinks with breakfast to boost sales as a result to ... Read More »

Choose It and Lose It: McDonald’s Salads

{mp3}680news-mcdonaldstuscansalad-jan21-2013{/mp3} You’re going to McDonald’s and staying on track with your new years resolutions.  So which salad do you choose?  The Tuscan salad with crispy chicken and yogurt dressing or ... Read More »

Grapefruit and Medication

{mp3}680news-grapefruitandmeds-jan9-2013{/mp3} The super food grapefruit,  a great source of vitamin C has come under fire recently. Western university in London Ontario has discovered over 85 medications that if taken with ... Read More »

McDonald’s “Our Food, Your Questions”

{mp3}680news-mcdonaldssocialmedia-jan7-2013{/mp3} McDonalds Canada recently launched their latest social media program  entitled “Our Food, Your Questions”. This website provides full nutrition and ingredient disclosure based on commonly asked questions with written ... Read More »