Get Salad Savvy with Rose Reisman on Breakfast Television

Think choosing a salad when dining out at your favourite restaurant or fast food joint is a healthy choice? Not always! Rose Reisman gives you the low down on where ... Read More »

Choose It and Lose It: McDonald’s Salads

{mp3}680news-mcdonaldstuscansalad-jan21-2013{/mp3} You’re going to McDonald’s and staying on track with your new years resolutions.  So which salad do you choose?  The Tuscan salad with crispy chicken and yogurt dressing or ... Read More »

McDonald’s “Our Food, Your Questions”

{mp3}680news-mcdonaldssocialmedia-jan7-2013{/mp3} McDonalds Canada recently launched their latest social media program  entitled “Our Food, Your Questions”. This website provides full nutrition and ingredient disclosure based on commonly asked questions with written ... Read More »