Busting Nutrition Myths on Breakfast Television

It seems like every day there’s another food making headlines – it’s either the key to healthy eating, or destined to give us cancer! Keeping track of it all can ... Read More »

Vegetable Bread

{mp3}680news – vegetable bread – april 23 2014{/mp3} Bread made with vegetables is the newest trend today and it’s being marketed as an easy way to consume your daily vegetables ... Read More »

Pub Food

{mp3}680news – pub food – april 21 2014{/mp3}   Have you heard this one: A guy walks into a pub, eats greasy food washed down by a few beers once ... Read More »

Buying Organic

{mp3}680news – eating organic – april 16 2014{/mp3} If you want to consume organic packaged food today, it can be challenging. Much of our processed food still has residual pesticides ... Read More »

Get Salad Savvy with Rose Reisman on Breakfast Television

Think choosing a salad when dining out at your favourite restaurant or fast food joint is a healthy choice? Not always! Rose Reisman gives you the low down on where ... Read More »

Acidic Foods

{mp3}680 news – acidic foods – april 9 2014{/mp3}   One-third of 18 – 35 year old’s have tooth erosion from eating highly acidic foods such as wine, sports and ... Read More »

Cancer Fighting Foods

{mp3}680news – cancer fighting foods – april 7 2014{/mp3} April is the reminder about the fight against cancer. There are certain foods according to the Journal of National Cancer Institute ... Read More »

Artificial Sweeteners

{mp3}680news – artificial sweeteners – april 2 2014{/mp3} We are eating about double the sugar acceptable today which is one of the causes of obesity, leading to other chronic diseases ... Read More »

Clean Eating

{mp3}680news – clean eating – march 26 2014{/mp3} You’ve heard the term clean eating?  It’s defines consuming food in its most natural state.  It’s not a diet but rather a ... Read More »

Snacking Report Card on Breakfast Television

We’re obsessed with snacks, often with it making up 1/3 of our daily calories (Approx. 600). Grazing throughout the day can be great – if you do it right. Smart ... Read More »