How to Increase Bone Density

{mp3}680news-calcium-nov25-2013{/mp3} Did you know that 80% of broken bones in men and women over 50 are caused by osteoporosis? Calcium is only one part of the equation for increased bone ... Read More »


{mp3}680news-sushi-nov27-2013{/mp3} Sushi has the perception of a light and healthy meal. Raw fish, sea weed salad, Miso soup, tofu and rice is traditional Japanese cuisine and definitely nutritious. But contemporary ... Read More »


{mp3}680news – vitamins-nov4-2013{/mp3} Wouldn’t it be convenient if we could take enough vitamins to replace the nutritious food we should be eating? Never quite works that way! There are certain ... Read More »

Cooking at Home

{mp3}680news – frenchdoc-nov6-2013{/mp3} Jean Michel Cohen is the French diet doctor who says all we have to do is cook more meals to lose weight and cure obesity. Did you ... Read More »

How to be Like Top Chef

{mp3}680news-topcheftips-oct23-2013{/mp3} So you marvel at Top Chef on TV?  Try these tips to become a genius in your kitchen! When sautéing or caramelizing onions, add a little baking soda which ... Read More »

The Delicious Food Show

{mp3}680news-thedeliciousfoodshow-oct21-2013{/mp3} So if you’re a foodie and are glued to the Food Network, you won’t want to miss the superstars at The Delicious Food Show this weekend at the Better ... Read More »

Lowering Your Child’s Risk of Food Allergies

{mp3}680news-babiesallergy-oct7-2013{/mp3} A study done in Stockholm looked at overall diet patterns versus specific foods in association with allergies in babies. Babies who ate a steady diet rich in healthy, often ... Read More »

Which Fish are Safe to Eat

{mp3}680news-fishsafety-sept-25-2013{/mp3} It is very confusing today to know which fish are safe to eat. Many are overfished or caught or farmed in ways that harm other marine life or the ... Read More »


{mp3}680news-truviasweetner-oct9-2013{/mp3} 0 calorie sugar sweeteners are here to stay.  Aspartame and sucralose have been most prominent and now there’s Truvia labelling itself as a healthier alternative.   It’s a naturally ... Read More »


{mp3}680news-ribs-oct16-2013{/mp3} As we say good bye to barbeque season we will put away those delicious pork side ribs for another year. Better you do! A side of ribs which can ... Read More »