Salt Calculator

{mp3}680news – sodium – may 13-2013{/mp3} We all are aware that excess sodium leads to heart and stroke disease, high blood pressure, stomach cancer and kidney problems.  We eat about ... Read More »

Food Cravings to Manufactured Food

{mp3}680news-foodcravings-april29-2013{/mp3} Manufacturers lure us to buy their products to cater to our food cravings and addictions. Food manufacturers rely on intense scientific studies on how to “hook” us on finding ... Read More »

Top Food Myths

{mp3}680news-topfoodmyths-jan23-2013{/mp3}   What are some of the latest food myths? Everyone should eat a gluten free diet?  Yes if you’re celiac or have a gluten sensitivity.  Otherwise eat whole grains. ... Read More »