Mediterranean burgers with feta cheese sauce

I created this recipe for a promotion I did with Scott paper towels. It was such a hit that I knew I had to include it here. The sauce is ... Read More »

Mediterranean Chili

Instead of the typical southwest flavors, I tried adding a Mediterranean twist to this chili. It’s delicious and quite different. Read More »

Turkey and sautéed corn chili with white cheddar cheese

Browning the corn is what gives this chili its deliciously distinctive taste. Feel free to make it vegetarian by substituting ground soy for the turkey. Use fresh, finely chopped jalapeño ... Read More »


{mp3}680news-lemongrass-jan30-2013{/mp3}   Lemongrass is a secret weapon in Asian cuisine.  It’s a stronger version of lemon rind and has a more aromatic flavour.   Lemongrass should be fragrant when fresh ... Read More »