Breakfast Television: How to Curb Your Sugar Cravings!

With Halloween over and the holiday season just beginning we are inundated with the temptation of sugary treats.  Watch my segment from Breakfast Television and get tips on how to make better food ... Read More »

Which Fruits Contain the Most Sugar?

Fruit is incredibly nutritious with fibre, no fat and moderate in calories. But all fruit contains natural sugars which increase calories and can lead to excess weight gain which can ... Read More »

Sugar Shock-The Lowdown on Sugar and Sweeteners on Breakfast Television

Sugar,  Substitutes and HFCS: What’s Healthier?   Average person consume 130 lb sugar yearly  =  10 lb per month Daily =  30 tsp vs 8 tsp recommended   Typical sugar ... Read More »

Artificial Sweeteners

{mp3}680news – artificial sweeteners – april 2 2014{/mp3} We are eating about double the sugar acceptable today which is one of the causes of obesity, leading to other chronic diseases ... Read More »

The Truth About Diet Drinks

{mp3}680news – diet drinks – march 19 2014{/mp3} Diet pop consumption has increased from 3% in 1965 to 20% today,  yet a study from John Hopkins shows that it doesn’t ... Read More »

Sugar Addiction

{mp3}680news – sugar addiction- april 24-2013{/mp3} Sugar is addictive similar to drugs and alcohol.  It calms and relaxes us. The more you eat the more you want.  You get a ... Read More »

Addictive Foods

{mp3}680news – addictive food – may 6 2013{/mp3} Did you know that food manufacturers design their food products to be addictive? Behind the scenes they actually play with the optimal ... Read More »

Food Cravings to Manufactured Food

{mp3}680news-foodcravings-april29-2013{/mp3} Manufacturers lure us to buy their products to cater to our food cravings and addictions. Food manufacturers rely on intense scientific studies on how to “hook” us on finding ... Read More »

Sugar Names

{mp3}680news-sugarnames-apr17-2013{/mp3} You want to cut back on the sugar in your diet so you start reading food labels. The problem is that there are other ingredients that duplicate sugar. Here ... Read More »

Fructose and Obesity

{mp3}680news-fructose-feb6-2013untitled{/mp3}   The latest studies at the Oregon Health and Science university shows that fructose, a naturally occurring sugar  found in fruits and many processed foods such as  sauces and ... Read More »